Shukra Movie Review and Rating [2/5] Hit or Flop Talk

Shukra Telugu Movie Review: Shukra Starring Aravind Krishna and Srijitha Ghosh in the lead roles,

Shukra movie review and rating hit or flop talk
Shukra Movie Review and Rating Hit or Flop Talk

Shukra Movie Review: Shukra Telugu Movie Starring Aravind Krishna and Srijitha Ghosh in the lead roles, the newly-released Telugu flick is about the mind game involving dark shades of the mafia and when a new couple migrates to a city, they face problems from the mafia which is dominant in the region. let’s see Shukra Movie Review, Rating, Story, Verdict, Hit or Flop Talk.

Shukra Movie Story: 

Newly-married couple Willy (Aravind Krishna) and his wife Riya (Srijitaa Ghosh) move to Vizag to live in a swanky residence. They throw a house party for their friends, only to discover that a bachelor among them has carried drugs to the party. Before they know, they all get psychedelic. Through the course of the night, they do masthi. By morning, Willy finds that his wife was brutally shot dead by an unknown element. Another character, too, was killed. The rest of the Shukra film is about what Willy, a fallen entrepreneur who is facing business-related problems, does to know what transpired during the mysterious night.


Shukra Movie Review and Rating: 

Shukra Movie Review

The point made by director Suku Purvaj is new. But there were huge mistakes in the way the story was run. Attempts to add unnecessary twists to the story, as well as unnecessary stretching in the first part. The first half seems to be mostly crushed. The first half feels like a bit of an obstacle to the film.

If not here’s a new director just for you! Even more impressive is the way the story unfolds from pre-climax to climax. The twists and turns in the story for his freedom and convenience seem far removed from reality. If the story had been screened directly with a few twists it would surely have become a New Age thriller. Jagadeesh Bommisetti’s cinematography is a good asset to the Shukra movie. Overall Suku’s first attempt was OK. 

Shukra Movie Verdict:

Overall, Shukra has a few thrilling moments and bold scenes which seems to be a film aimed for youth. Those who love thriller and crime genres are likely to love this film.

Shukra Movie Rating: 2/5.

Shukra Movie
Shukra Movie Review and Rating [2/5] Hit or Flop Talk

Director: Suku Purvaj

Date Created: 2021-04-24 20:11

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