All CBSE Books Available Online For Free

All CBSE Books
All CBSE Books Available online For Free
All CBSE books are now available online for free download. Union Minister for Human Resource Development Smriti Irani announced that all CBSE books and knowledge related to textiles will be available online for free as part of the centre’s good governance efforts.
Commenting on the problem, Minister Smriti Irani said, “Almost a month ago, NCERT books were already available online free of charge, through e-books and mobile applications. ”He pointed out that Central Schools Central Schools will release ‘Shala Mirror’ and ‘Summary’ offerings in the next academic year to help mothers and fathers monitor their child’s performance.
Under the ‘Shala Darpan’ carrier, the SMS can be sent to dads and moms approximately young stars’ attendance, timetable, and marks in their exams. Under The ‘Saransh’ provider, parents can compare their youth-level intelligence scores, with others across the district, state and nation.
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