Why Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Websites ?

Why Shouldnt Use Traffic Exchange Websites
Why Shouldn't Use Traffic Exchange Websites

Traffic Exchange websites are those in which you visit other people’s sites and they visit yours. Examples are Traffic Center and EasyHits4U. Let me elaborate. You sign up on these sites. Then you are asked to open a few sites (by entering some captcha) for some time (15 to 30 seconds) and then visit another. This process continues until you close the tab or window. Just like you open the websites, the other people open your website and you get hundreds of new visitors. The main thing is, the more websites you open, the more traffic you get. Why Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Websites? check out below:

Why Shouldn’t Use Traffic Exchange Websites:

  1. One common problem with traffic exchange sites is that the traffic is not very targeted.
  2. Although the exchange segments websites into categories, the users are still publishers.
  3. They have not come to new resources or new products to buy.
  4. Their sole motive is to earn traffic with as little effort as possible.
  5. So, the chances for conversion on traffic exchange are abysmally low.
  6. Moreover, the Autosurfs are virtually worthless regarding generating traffic. The bot traffic is not accepted as legitimate views.
  7. That’s not all; the traffic exchange can be detrimental to your site as a whole. The invalid traffic coming from an exchange can have your ads accounts terminated.
  8. For example, Google Adsense consider traffic exchange as a risky technique.
  9. Moreover, the use of traffic exchange can result in a lot of spam backlinks.
  10. It is obviously a bad thing too websites.
  11. Google hates websites that have a lot of backlinks from poor quality websites. Lastly, it is very hard to recover from the Google penalty.

5 Best Traffic Exchange WebSites:

1. EasyHits4u: It is by far the most popular free traffic exchange site. It is regarded as one of the top manual traffic exchanges on the web. EasyHits4u has way over 1,000,000 members and is very easy to use.


2. Hitleap: It’s a leading, moreover, the cream of the crop in Autosurf exchanges. It’s a traffic exchange service that delivers free traffic to your website. Its working is simple. You are required to submit your website. Watch others’ websites. They will watch you. With Hitleap, everything is simple.

3. 10KHits Traffic Exchange: It is the best traffic exchange to get free website traffic to your site. It offers scalable, on-demand results to webmasters. It’s a traffic exchange that lets you continuously surf and earns points without any interruptions, or pop-ups. It’s a well-rounded application with a nimble dashboard. With 10KHits, you can earn your first points and receive visitors to your site instantly.

4. Rank BoostUp: It is another leading traffic exchange sites on the Internet with an advanced set of features of any service. It helps to get quality relevant traffic to your site. Its advanced platform integrates mobile traffic into the mix which helps you to rank better on mobile devices.

5. TrafficG: It’s another well-known targeted traffic-exchange for driving free, guaranteed visitors or traffic to any website of your choice. The best of all, it’s free. With its traffic exchange system, you are guaranteed a great stream of ever-changing visitors.

Really folks, these kinds of websites are a waste of time. Leave these traffic sites and try to optimize your websites for search engines, write good quality articles on your site and you won’t only get more visits than these traffic exchange websites, but on the top, you will get original visits.

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